Mixed Media


I stopped making mixed media pieces around 1997 to concentrate on limited edition books, puzzle performances and videos. I also took time out to design gardens, write about wine and other libations, and take photographs of vineyards. The husbandry of vineyards and my approach to the geography, geology and climate run parallel.

The mixed media pieces consist of photographs, xerox and/or  found objects, such as postcards, mounted onto hand made paper or canvas. They incorporate a variety of media such as paint, charcoal, conte and pencil.

Laura Cloud, in an article, The Aesthetic Tourist, writes, " When traveling through a new and unknown area the tourist often stops and photographs anything that catches the eye. Bob Chaplin integrates this tourist aesthetic with the long tradition of British Landscape painting. He makes tradition more contemporary by combining photography, printmaking, painting, and drawing with his love for travel...Often Chaplin emphasizes transitional points - points where land becomes water or where nature is confronted by the concreteness of progress...In a series along Connecticut's Route 97, Chaplin employs the use of his tourist eye to snap photos from a moving car - the results, fragments of blurred color and bits of highway. Central to these pieces are postcards, "Colorful New England" showing the splendors of autumn. Gestural markmaking, integrates the parts with the background."