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The serial nature of the book is an ideal format for my ideas about landscape.

Bob Chaplin  - Available Limited Edition Books

Nord Norge - North Norway - published by the artist and Nord Norsk Kunstnersenter, Norway. 1985

Made while an artist in residence in the Lofoten Islands, Norway. Produced instead of a catalogue for a travelling exhibition. A response to this sub arctic region using photographs, place-names and other texts gleaned from travels in the area.

Lithographically printed soft covered book. 12”x 8”

Edition of 150 copies.        2 available    $500 each

Postcards To The Undercliff - with poet Keith Please - published by Circle Press. 1986

A collaboration with poet Keith Please with photographs taken on the Isle of Wight in England.

Lithographically printed. 11.5”x 8.5”

Edition of 30 hand-tinted on handmade paper. Hard bound       5 available        $700 each

edition of 220 on Ikonorex Special Matt        10 available        $55 each

Eminent Views  - with Stephen Bann - published by the artist. 1994

Produced at The Visual Studies Workshop in Rochester, New York and Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island.

Explores the cathartic experience of moving from the Old World to the New. Collaborating with poet, art historian and author Stephen Bann, the initial concept was to examine places from which landscape was viewed in England using natural and historical vantage points, walking panoramas and towers. This developed into looking at American equivalents often using transplanted vistas. Six sites from each continent were selected with a bridging piece about the Torre del Mangia in Sienna, Italy, and the transposed equivalent towers in Waterbury, Connecticut and Provincetown, Massachusetts. The artwork for the pages uses a variety of photographs and hand-worked painted and drawn motifs combined with texts and writings.

Lithographically printed. 11.25”x 8.5.”

Supported by a grant from the Connecticut Commission on the Arts

Edition of 30 boxed and hand-tinted        10 available          $1000 each

Edition of 100 bound with one hand-tinted page        20 available       $400 each

A North American Odyssey with William Chaplin, 1995

A bonding experience with my son. It was bound using a Japanese inspired technique. 7” x 8”

Proofs only    3 available       $250 each

Mill River - River Mill - published by the artist and Visual Studies Workshop, Rochester, NY. 1997

There are three parts. The first part examines the history of Connecticut mills and towns using technical and social references found in the local textile museum in Willimantic in Connecticut. The textual and diagrammatic information was paired with background photographic images of the rivers taken from random bridges and river overlooks. The second part used photographs of the various mills taken with a cheap plastic camera. These softly distorted images were paired with song titles on FM radio that were playing at the time the photographs were taken. The last section paired mill photographs with random music tracks taken from a CD of composer John Cage’s piano works.

An early ‘on-demand’ book using the Xerox Docutech printer with a computer interface. Edition of 100   1 available - $500

Boundaries and Markers - published by the artist.  2000

Produced as a result of a residency at the Alden Weir National Historic Site in Wilton Connecticut. Examines the concept of the boundary in landscape whether its animals or man.

Archival inkjet on acid free paper. Hand assembled. 8.5” x 11”

Edition of 150 hand bound books    2 available       $1000 each

Edition of 100 paper bound books    10 available        $300

Some Churches and Associated Churches – 2002

Connecticut Church portraits with random radio music titles

Proofs only available - $50

Connecticut Arcadia - published by the artist. 2008-2009

An evocation of four years spent on a landscaping project in North Woodstock, CT. 

Hardcover, designed and produced using Apple’s Aperture software. 11.5” x 9”

Edition of 18 – SOLD OUT

A 2nd edition of 25 - hardcover - $150 each

MOW - published by the artist.  2011

Documents a dialogue between the formal and the natural in landscape.  Sections of lawn formed a natural parterre that were allowed to grow wild. Over two years, the mowings, the plants and the seasonal changes were documented using photographs and plant listings.

With an afterword by Stephen Bann.

11” x 8.5” designed and produced using Apple’s Aperture software.

42 pages with 53 photographs

Edition of 150     125 available    $170

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