Current Projects


Current projects

  1. 1.Video production of a jigsaw performances - a 150 minute looped video clip of a puzzle performance. A continuous display on a wall mounted monitor. This is an excerpt. Grand Canyon - Arches National Park

  1. 2.Four 60 second jigsaw video sequences were made for an interactive web based piece curated by Gene Gort and Ken Steen. “What If - 60x60x60” enables the viewer to match videos to sound precisely or randomly. Several gallery venues in the region have exhibited piece as an audience participation display and exhibition.

  1. 3.Book - “Puzzle” - boxed book looking at the history of the jigsaw puzzle, and my puzzle performances. Perhaps including a DVD of a performance and/or an actual jigsaw puzzle.

  1. 4.“Mow”  An ongoing photographic project of the seasonal changes in the lawn outside our house. Four square sections in the lawn have been allowed to grow wild. This project is now finished and is available for sale as a limited edition book.

  1. 5.“Garden Incidentals” - a book project - observations and documentation of several in-garden projects.

  1. 6.“Invasives : Topiary : Parterre” - an ongoing planted installation at I-Park in East Haddam, Connecticut. To be documented as a book.

  1. 7.“Raked Leaf Parterre” - an ongoing installation using raked leaves - started Fall 2012

  1. 8.Hortus Conclusus - The Enclosed Garden - Two installations   made at a recent one month residency at I-Park East Haddam