Hampton Garden


My wife and I moved from Manhattan to the wilds of north-east corner Connecticut in November 1989.

Our 1870’s Victorian ‘Grand Dame’ sat on less than two thirds of an acre on Hampton’s main street. Hampton has to be one of the prettiest Connecticut towns.

We sold the house in February 2008.

Over nearly 20 years I transformed the garden space, creating a series of ‘rooms’ that included a formal boxwood garden, arbors, espaliered blackberries, combined perennial and vegetable/herb gardens. With the planting of an asparagus bed, I assumed that I would probably spend my whole life here.

I planted over 75 varieties of old fashioned roses including Albas, Bourbons, Gallicas, Species Roses and Portland Damasks. Some had ancestry dating back to the late 18th Century. I also acquired several rare climbing roses found only in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

The boxwood hedges were grown from cuttings propagated from a shrub that was reputedly an ancestor from a boxwood brought over on the Mayflower! The hedges and the roses were my little bit of England.